If I’m talking to you stand up right now…

I’ve got a Word for you.  God wants you to know, you’re not late. Gods been waiting on this hour.  "Now I’m going to give you, The Anointing, to do what’s been holding you back, and then once it’s done, go and recover all, pursue and recover all.  I know it’s hard, and you had legitimate reasons, to hesitate, but I want you to know tonight, I’m going to empower you, to go forward, and do what I told you to do, and then your warfare is going to be so strong, that entire cities will be delivered because of a Word from your mouth.  Whole generations are waiting!

The Bible says in Isaiah, if you are willing and obedient, you’ll eat the good of the land.  That means your attitude and your compliance. You hear me, Man of God?  There’s a call on your life, and you’ve been hesitating, you’ve been doing everything but that.

The Spirit of The Teaching Shepherd is on you.  You say: “Well, I’ve been a good deacon and I’ve been a good elder and I’ll do this, and I’ll work hard, and I’ll do that kind of stuff, but I don’t really want to have to be the leader and preach and all that… And God says: “Listen Son, it’s time.  I’m not taken any more plastic or wooden Indians from you.  All that’s good!  But I didn’t call you to do all that!”  Thank you Lord Jesus.

Story of playing ball…  Do the dishes first… Janitorial company… So I mopped the floor… The floor looks great but I didn’t tell you to do the floor, I told you to do the dishes… You step out that door, and I’m going to kill you…

In like manner God was saying: “I did not tell you to do the floor, I told you to do the dishes.  Get the dishes done, and then watch what I am going to do as a result.  You’ve been in the right fight… You’ve been fighting the right enemy… And the enemy is afraid of you!  But you’ve been using a 22 when you needed an M-16.  Are you hearing me now?”  And God is saying that He’s going to give you that M-16 when your obedience is fulfilled.  Thank you Lord Jesus!  Thank you Lord Jesus!  Thank you Lord Jesus!

My Covenant With Father God

Prayer… “Father God… Here am I… Use me…”

Since then... The Lord has build The Village Carpenter World Wide Ministries, Publishing House and Bible School.  Now, look what has happened.

Do you believe in Dreams?

I do... As a matter of fact I have been documenting Dreams From God and in Dream 47 I was given the following that has changed my life.

prophecy was given to me at 3:00 AM on May 24, 2012.  It took me an hour and a half to write it all down.

It follows the prophecy of 7 years ago in 2005.

Where God said, I was not late,
and that God had been waiting for this very day.

God said, He would give me the Anointing to do what’s been holding me back.

He said, He would empower me to go forward and do what He told me to do.  This you read above.

Well this prophesy was so powerful that I even had pictures come to mind that I just had to put into a video to put on YouTube for all the world to see what Jesus said He would do.  It will look like this,

Jesus said,

"I brought you out of Egypt, do not go back,
get on the straight and narrow track.

I know the plans, I have for you,
walk in them and you will see, My plans for you too.

You have made plans,
but I have directed your footsteps.

Other women have forsaken you,
but I have one who is content and waiting for you.

The saving of souls is of the utmost plan.
I sent you My Son, to show you His big plan.

Others may judge you, but be not disturbed.
I too, was judged by the mouth of man.

Their words mean nothing to me as they talk.
Your actions speak louder to me then their walk.

You are doing,

What I told you to do.

You will be rewarded

By Me for following through.

I know I said, a people without a vision parish,
that’s why I gave you those dreams to cherish.

Your on the road that I put you on,
one day when you’ve finished you will soon be gone.

Until then, I know you need a woman,
to be your helpmate as I have planned.

Just as I brought Eve to Adam,
one day I will bring you your helpmate to fathom and stay.

She will love you as none of the others have.
You have never known love like the one I’m bringing to you.

120 years I gave to man.
You have 56 more years to complete your plan.

The other women never gave you time to see what I can do with a man.

You came through those trials of fire that I gave.  Those Souls 200,000,000 are waiting to be saved.

Your prayers will no longer be hindered My son,
the woman I send you will pray with you each day.

The Angels I gave you are waiting and watching to see what you do as I send you this woman.

She will complete you like none of the others.
She will be to you as My Son is to Me.

Rejoice in The Lord and sing your praises.
The song that you love will be sung for ages.

How Great Thou Art was written long ago.
The woman I send you loves that song too.

Sing unto Me as I sing over you.
I am happy My son, that you have not failed.

Your training is not complete,
yet you will ever be learning of My Mysteries of Life.

Together you will grow and prosper too.
To show others what I your God can do.

I love you My Brother and always have.
I long for the day when I see you face to face.

I will take you to Our Father and say…
This is the man that You gave that big big plan.

I’ll hold you in My arms one day and say to you… Well done, you are home to stay.”

So, Trust God Today, Never Give Up On His Plan For Your Life.  He Loves You And Will Never Leave You.


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