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         The following letter was written by Pastor Matthew Wilondja.  We have placed it on our web site in hopes that people like you would bless them.  Please take the time to read it.  We know God will bless you for all that you do.  Brother Terry Poling has planned to let him tell his story in a book.  We are here to stand with this project.

         From: Rev. & Mrs. Matthew Wilondja, President and Founder of Oasis Christian Fellowship in Congo.

         Dear Beloved & People of God,

         Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and God.  Hope that you all are doing well as we are praying for all of you.

         We thank the Lord for your address that we got through the website.  As was in our daily prayers so that we may get the anointed people whom we can stand with them in the Ministry that our Lord is calling us to do here in DR Congo.

        Allow us to introduce ourselves to you: We are Pastor & Mrs.  Matthew Wilondja.  President and Founder of Oasis Christian Fellowship in Congo.

         Since 1997, This is the Vision that we got from the Lord who called us to stand in the gap while people were dieing in the war and Massacres that accrued here in DRC since 1996 where 4,500,000 people have already died.  Many others are injured spirituality as well as physically.  We have many widows and orphans whom we are standing with.

         We have the unreached pygmies whom we do preach the gospel to.  The vulnerable people whom are standing with them are so many.  This is why being with you will be the greatest blessings.

         We were called to preach the gospel while the country was in the greatest war.  To preach hope while the people did not understand what we were doing.  The objective of our calling is:

   1.     Preaching the good news to all nations especially in the biggest Country like Congo that is the third biggest country in Africa  that has more than 400 tribes that have different languages and culture.

    2.   Preaching to the people about the full reconciliation between man to man and man to God.

    3.   Assisting people who are in trouble financially as well as     spiritually.  Training people in the different works of helping for themselves as well as to the others.  We assist the women in relationship with sexually addicted men.  We will send photos soon.

         We have 22 Pastors, 16 Evangelist, 15 Deacons, a Primary school with 370 Children Orphans with war and HIV (aids).  We assist Pygmies peoples.  We have 12 Churches.

                       Oasis Church of Bukavu.
                       Oasis Church of SANGE Rutanga.
                       Oasis Church of Ngando Kisanga.
                       Oasis Church of Lubumba Itombwe.
                       Oasis Church of Sange Mapera.
                       Oasis Church of Kamituga.
                       Oasis Church of Mwenga.
                       Oasis Church of Uvira Kasenga.
                       Oasis Church of Luberizi.
                       Oasis Church of Lubarika.
                       Oasis Church of Idjwi Nord.
                       Oasis Church of Minova.

         The churches go hardly because we have not some one to stand with us.  We try to do our best but it is very difficult.  Rebels in the wars have destroyed many churches.

          To get the Bible to help to preach is very hard.  All things have been destroyed by the wars.  We have not a Good church.  All the peoples are very poor.  People have been massacred.  To get food is very hard.  For our self, we have not another job.  We work full time in Gods’ Vineyard to get food for another's need and for our family.  It is very difficult.  To pay the fees for school for our six children is very difficult for us.  Your standing with us is very important.  We come before you with this request.  People need to hear the word of God.  The churches are in need, the situation financially is not good.

         Through all of this, we have been doing and praying the Lord for sending others for helping and strengthening us to do this work, so that we may be able to fulfill the calling that is pushing in our hearts.

          This is why we thank the Lord for your address.

          We do believe that whenever you get this letter you will be more interested to know more about the Ministry and us so that you may help us on the way that our Lord will open your heart.

         The most important thing that we need from you is your prayers, and to be affiliated to your Ministries, to stand together, and to be one, to be your Branch here in DR Congo Central Africa.

         Thanks for your spiritual support so that the work of the Lord may go on to reach the unreached people in DRC and out of it as it is in our goals.  We are grateful for this opportunity to invite you to come to visit us one day if God open the door for you to come.

         Our God of Peace blesses you richly to all that you go to do for them.  We love you so much!  Your Beloved Brother & Sister in Him!

    Pastor and Mrs. Matthew Wilondja.
    President & Founder of Oasis Christian Mission of Congo
    P.O. Box 1409 Bukavu DR Congo
    P.O. Box 468 Cyangugu Rwanda
    Tel: +243 810696234


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