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Some people know him as the "Little Giant Of Gospel Music" and Some know him as "The Skateboard Preacher." But no matter how you know him, you know Jamie Coulter is a 3 ft. tall man with a 10 ft. tall voice and a life-changing message!

On October 1966 A.B. and Marie Coulter gave birth to a new baby boy in the small town of Crossett, AR. But it wasn’t long until they realized that it wasn’t going to be the happy occasion as it was with the other six children, that they had in the past. It wasn’t long until the doctors shared with them that their new born son, Jamie, had a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.

The Coulters where devastated at the news but being the prayer warrior that she had always been, Marie prayed, "Lord if you can give him the gift of life, you can give him the power of healing.” Marie said that her little son looked as if he were a little bird that had fallen from a nest and was broken into pieces. But, what the Coulters didn’t know, at that time was that God had his hand all over this little broken vessel.

God did see the little baby through, but the road ahead was still rocky. Jamie and his family would experience many years of operations, broken bones as well as countless trips to the hospital. Even through the hard times they were enduring, little Jamie began the journey that the Lord had in store for his life. At the young age of six years old Jamie began a ministry that would faithfully carryout for the rest of his life.

He started singing at his home church. One Sunday while singing at his home church, a gospel music promoter sat in the congregation and invited Jamie to sing at a local concert. That concert opened the door of a lifetime. It was there that Jamie was invited to sing on the United Cerebral Palsy telethon in Monroe, LA., along with many Hollywood stars on the roster. Young Coulter sang one song, "The Crippled Boy's Prayer.”

He waited all day before he was given a chance to sing, then after his song, he was exhausted therefore they left the telethon right after singing. The phones began to ring continuously as fans requested the young talent to sing even more. Futile attempts were made by police and C.B. radio communicators trying to find young Jamie and Marie Coulter on the road, in hopes of Jamie's return to the stage in song.

They had returned home before learning of this news. The following day the family received a call from a producer that Jamie was invited back the next year to perform at the “Weekend With The Stars Telethon." That event began a career for Jamie that has evolved into traveling the world singing and preaching the gospel with a passion for winning souls to the Lord and has held him true to this day. Jamie lives in Hamburg, Arkansas where he grew up and was raised as a kid!

If a contest for the most unusual man were held, Gospel singer/songwriter Jamie Coulter would be a winner! Jamie is an adult who is only thirty six inches tall, weighs about 57 pounds and uses a skateboard to walk. He has lived a most unusual life. In the words of his mother Marie, "Jamie started out his life looking like a little bird that had fallen out of a nest, whose shattered body could not possibly survive." He had twenty-eight broken bones at birth due to a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Hope for his survival was slim, but Jamie amazed everyone, and still does.

Through the love and prayers of his family and the ongoing medical treatment he received, he not only survived those first tenuous days, but he has since survived over three hundred broken bones and over thirty major operations.

Fast forward into manhood and take the baby with the broken body now turned into a man. Put a guitar in his hands, put a spotlight on him in any of the countless venues that he has appeared, including the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, television appearances, Gospel concerts, churches, even crusades with thousands in attendance, and don’t be surprised if many words come to your mind in an attempt to describe him, words such as energy (put the adjective high in front of it), inspirational, talented, or perhaps just the word "wow." Envision him off stage racing along on a four-wheeler or his skateboard, and you will have a more accurate representation of Jamie Coulter than if you think of him being carried around on a pillow in the way he started out in life. As Jamie matured in full manhood, the frequency of the bone breakage diminished, enabling him to energetically pursue his dreams and aspirations and live a full and exciting life. It is when he sings and preaches the word of God that Jamie shines.

The Reason I Do What I Do

We worked on this project more than we have ever worked on a project in the past. And to be honest, it has paid off. I feel that this project has turned out to be the best we have ever done. We have had many people involved in helping us get this project finished. And I want to personally thank each one for their hard work.

Each musician, singer and engineer, I feel, went the distance in this project to make it what it is. I have been able to have some of my best friends and even family take part of this project. And therefore it is very special to me. As you read the credits, just know that each one is very special and deserve the credit in making this project successful.

Each song on this project is original material that the Lord has given me, except for one. And one was written by Ronnie Hinson, who is a dear friend of mine. And The Hinson’s recorded the song years ago that became a standard in gospel music. The Hinson’s are legends in Gospel Music. Ronnie’s brother Kenny was the lead singer for the group and in my opinion Kenny was the best singer in the world. But in 1995, Kenny lost his battle with cancer. When that happened, Gospel Music lost a legend. But I lost a dear precious friend. For many years I wouldn’t sing this song that we have recorded, because I couldn’t sing it like Kenny. But one night as I was listening to the song, I thought, no one will ever sing it like him. But the song still has a message and needs to be sung. So I decided to start singing it. We got so marry requests for it and people began to ask us to record it, that we decided to put it on this project. And so we called Kenny’s nephew, Ronnie’s son, Bo Hinson to come and help us on it and Bo agreed. So, I want to say thanks to Bo, for allowing a dream of mine to come true. And now as we give tribute to their family and most of all his Uncle Kenny and what I feel was the best group ever in Gospel music. Let us take you back in time to a certain style and a certain sound as we do our version of the old standard, “The Lighthouse.”

Also, I want to thank one of the most precious individuals in my life. Someone that the Lord has recently put in my life that has became such a huge blessing. This person stands beside me and supports me in everything I do. And has given me and showed me so much love in the short time that she has been in my life. I do know that God knows what we need in the very time we need it. And he truly gave me an angel when he gave this person to me. I couldn’t have made this project what it is today without her. So I want to say, thank you and I love you so much to my wife Michelle!

Michelle & Jamie Coulter

Jamie Coulter Ministries
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Hamburg, AR 71635
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