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       After 76 Authors and 170 books published, we are moving forward at Father God’s instruction.  On our website,

       Under the ABOUT US link at,

       It says, “But God is faithful… He showed us how to do it for much less!  There are cost involved, but we will show you how we did it.  We will help you with your first book and then we will show you how you too can do as many books as you want for FREE!  Realizing there are some fixed cost…”

       At church one day we were introduced to a new family.  We shared several times together and one day a man in that family sent us the following email,

Subject:            A Question…

Date:            Thu, Jul 04, 2013 4:43 pm


        Hey Chuck its Grady, we met after church on Sunday.  I was just wondering… I’m not sure if you needed any help with the computer side of your ministry.  The only question I have is, Can it be done remotely or do I need to be physically at your computer to perform it?

       We prayed, “Father God… How can we help this new Author?  How can we help this new Minister?  How can we help this new Poet?  How can we help this new Publisher?”  His answer was so clear.  So, we called and made a visit to their home.  We shared about our ministry and how Father God has Blessed us.  He wanted to know how he could be a part of our ministry.  We gave him a 3-point plan.  The next day we received a call asking the question many of our new authors ask, “How long does my testimony need to be?”

       We shared the same thing that is on our website, “As we said earlier, we will help you to get your personal testimony into print.  We had an Evangelist from the Philippians write and ask us, “How long should my testimony be?”  We wrote back that Jesus had a one-word testimony.  Remember when He cast out the devils into the pigs?  Jesus said, 'GO.'  We tell authors to give us fifteen pages and we can turn it into a book.  One of our authors said she could not write.  In our conversation, she mentioned that she had been journaling since High school.  Guess what... The light came on.  We are doing her 16th book, Praise God!”

       But there is more… Oh, so much more… Father God instructed us to:

(1)   Mentor Grady with his first book.

(2)   Mentor Grady to teach him how to help others to tell their testimony and to get it into print.

(3) Mentor Grady to teach him how to set up and operate his very own publishing house.

       This is the beginning of an answer to a pray that we pray much,

 And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, If thou wilt bless me in deed, and enlarge my coasts, and if thine hand be with me, and thou wilt cause me to be delivered from evil, that I be not hurt.  And God granted the thing that he asked. 1 CHRONICLES 4:10  GENEVA BIBLE OF 1599

       Father God is again “enlarging our coasts” and we will follow through with this plan of action.  In the world they say, Make a plan and work the plan… It works.  If we are faithful to God’s Word… If Brother Grady is faithful to God’s Word… His life will change forever!  Amen!! Hallelujah!!!  

       If you would like to send an encouraging word to Brother Grady,

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