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Dr. Glenette A. Wilcher, Prophet of God

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Dr. Glenette A. Wilcher, Prophet of God

          A trifold chord is not easily broken this is an epigraph of the start, beginning, and the making of Women With A Purpose Ministries International, Inc.  The genesis of Prophetess Glenette Wilcher lies within Hallandale, Florida; where she was born and graduated from Stranahan High School in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  The foundation of holiness was laid for Glenette as she gleaned under the auspices of Bishop J.L. Outler, at the church of the Living God By Faith.  It was here that Glenette began to have dreams, visions and encounters with the almighty God.  As a young woman she married Herman Wilcher and out of this union came one son Herman Wilcher Jr.  She and her husband worked diligently together at Faith Deliverance Cathedral Ministries.  However, after seven years they divorced.  Glenette had already been in a place with the Lord where a seek had been established.  God had been showing her visions and people, but what could she do with it?  Even after the divorce she stayed faithful to the church and to God.  Her desire was to be in the safety of wise counsel and to put her hands to whatever she was asked to do.

          Glenette remained faithful and served for 17 years.  However, she then found herself at a crossroads in her life.  After having been through so much pain, abuse, neglect, rejection and her own desires, her cup ran over and went all the way into the "world."  As Glenette began to go on her way, she was never really comfortable with where she was.  This was the beginning of a drought in her life.  Even in a backslidden condition she always had a heart for people and did what she could to help others, but found herself in a place where she could not help herself.  Time has many ways of bringing about a change.  The turning point came for Glenette when she just could not take anymore.  All of the pain for so many years coupled with being in a backslidden condition just began to wear on her.  There was a God given sense that she was different.  She knew God had called her.

          Glenette began to ask God how could He use or even want to use someone "like me."

          The Lord in His infinite wisdom and a God who is rich in mercy began to work on her Spirit Man; He began to speak to her in ways that she could not believe.  The creator began with His clay molding and shaping as only He can.  She ran for as long as she could, but could not hide.  Glenette came to herself and allowed God to turn all of the pain, abuse and neglect into power.  The Almighty turned all of the mess into a message of hope for others.  Hence, the foundation of Women With A Purpose Ministries International, Inc. was laid.

          The Mission of WWAPMI is to equip and enable women to identify who they are in Christ.  Prophetess Wilcher teaches, as women look inward they will discover the plan of an Almighty God.  WWAPMI focus is to be a Beacon of Hope where women are encouraged and enriched by studying and applying Gods Word.  The design is to educate and facilitate the growth and maturity for all women and provide a network of loving concern and support.  We welcome you to the Start, Salvation, The Beginning, Gods Redemption, The Making, His Divine Purpose Of Women With A Purpose Ministries Internationall, Inc.

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